A short cue for the television show, White Collar, utilizing guitar and synth elements.
*Example of scoring to picture conform; not a participating member in Project.

Concert works:

A Lesson in Flying (2016) (Piccolo and Piano) [5’20”]

A Morning’s Mountain Run (2015) (Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, and
Strings) [4’30”]

Innocence (2015) (Mallet Percussion Ensemble) [4’15”]

Multa Parata (2015) (Violin and Piano) [5′]

Februrary (2015) (English horn and Piano) [3′]

Midnight Dance of Hummingbirds (2015) (Piccolo, Flute, and
Alto Flute) [7′]

The Old Toy Factory (2015) (Cello Octet) [7’15”]

Faces of Rain (2014) – atonal piece for symphony orchestra

Performing Arts:

(a)maze (2016) [40′] (45′ with bonus track)
Choreographer: Michael Marquez

A contemporary dance piece depicting seven stories from Greek Mythology (Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Horn solo, Percussion, Piano, Synths, Strings)
I. Daphne
II. Narcissus
III. Orpheus
IV. Arachne
V. Atalanta
VI. Actaeon
VII. Echo
(bonus) Pygmalion (not included in performance)